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This book will show you how to:

  • Stop sabotaging yourself.
  • Tame your Drama Queen (Inner Critic).
  • Discover your real confident and courageous self.
  • Be empowered by colour and style.
  • Save yourself time and money.
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Who is Rosee Elliott?

I help men and women who are curious about the image they portray.

To explore behind the mirror so that they can stand up, stand out and thrive

with confidence and courage.

Packed with practical strategies and tips, Behind the Mirror – What Others Don’t See 

empowers you to create an image portraying a confident and courageous you, the real you

Think of this personal development as an investment of time and money in the most important person in your life -YOU!

Who is This Book For?

People who have lost confidence, self-belief with a habit of self-sabotage.

People who feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

People who worry about what others think, you’re

                                                            … too fat, too thin,

                                                            … too tall, too short

                                                            … too blonde, too grey

                                                            … too old, too young

People who experience guilt/shame around their own perceptions of how they look.

Behind the Mirror - Spring colour drape - female
Be empowered by colour and style

Don't let winter be a struggle!

 I will show you the secrets that will keep you comfortable, yet cute and fashionable.

When it's Freezing Cold outside you don't need to look and feel like a yeti!

What type of clothing makes you feel beautiful?

When you know your colour and style you'll be empowered to feel beautiful every day....

 Whatever the occasion!

Behind the Mirror - Spring colour drape - Child
Tame your Inner Critic

Struggling to find clothing that you love?

No matter your age, in Behind the mirror I layout the master plan that will silence your inner-fashion-critic!

Behind the mirror - Autmun Colour Drape Male2
How Can I look Good On a Budget?

Do you find yourself saying:

I Hate my Clothes!

Do you Hate Shopping

This book is packed with strategies to help you love your clothes.

Armed with this knowledge even my 44 year old son can look good on a budget!

Save Time and Money

Shopping does not need to overwhelm you.

You don't need to pay a fortune for clothes that won't last  a year.

I can show you the secrets to shopping more efficiently!

You will have your go to colours.

You will understand the perfect style of clothing to suit your body type.

Armed with these crucial bits of information you can't help but save time and money. You buy the right clothes and know exactly which rails and shelves to ignore.

Behind the Mirror - Autumn colour drape - Child

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Rosee Elliott - Author of Behind the Mirror

Hi, I'm Rosee Elliott

I am an Image Whisperer

I help people who are interested in the image they portray to look behind the mirror so they can stand up and stand out with confidence and courage.

An award-winning Image and Colour Consultant, I live in Aberdeenshire with my husband Ken and our rescue Podenca Poppy.

I left Aberdeen College of Education with a Diploma in Primary Education (1972) and taught classes in an Infant School before taking time out in 1975 to have her two sons.

As an ‘’oil wife’, I moved around the world living in New Plymouth and Wellington in New Zealand, Jubail in Saudi Arabia and on the island of Borneo, finally returning to Aberdeen in 1988. I was divorced from my first husband in 1990.

Before returning to teaching in Aberdeen, I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies (1989) at the Robert Gordon Institute of Technology. Over the years I added to my academic portfolio with a Post Graduate Diploma in Early Years Education (1993) and an Open University Master’s Degree (2000) from Northern College of Education. Interested in behaviours, I studied and qualified as a Transactional Analyst (CTA(E) 2011) within the Transaction Analysis development field of education. 

I remarried in 1994 to Ken and between us we have five children and 10 grandchildren.

Before I retired from teaching in 2014, I was a leader in education at Aberdeenshire Council Education Authority. I held the posts of Head Teacher at two large primary schools, worked as an Education Officer within the authority looking at the expansion of preschool nursery education and supported Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) in quality assurance of this service. Before retiring I supported primary school colleagues in implementing formative assessment within the primary sector.

In 2014, inspired by the effects that colour and style have on people I trained as a Colour and Image Consultant with House of Colour and bought the Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire franchise. I love the depth and breadth of my work and the impact that this has on my clients. I have a  client base of men, women and children who range from age 8 to over 80 years of age and I enjoy empowering them through colour and style, saving them time and money.

Most recently I qualified through the Institute of Leadership and Management (Level 7) as a Mentor in Imposter Syndrome (2022).


Tillygownie, Strachan, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, AB31 6NQ, UK


(+44) 01330850325